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BRIDE // Those eyes! The lovely Anna had very fine short hair. We added a full pack of clip in extensions and pin curled, for makeup we did a smokey grey eye ♥️ #jodiemakeupuk
BRIDESMAIDS // Another glam pony! Becoming a more popular option! I love them ♥️ #jodiemakeupuk
BRIDE // Going to start posting more of my brides in their dresses. I like my page to be a catalogue for brides of inspiration for their big day ♥️ #jodiemakeupuk
BRIDE // 😍 Hair, makeup and photo by me, using my posh camera 😆Those earrings were also incredible #jodiemakeupuk
BRIDE // Simplistic & Elegant, an understated knot ♥️ #jodiemakeupuk
BRIDE // Curly hair smoothed into big curls and pinned up. All brides own hair ♥️ Hair & Makeup by me #jodiemakeupuk
ME // Love this pinky glow, it has a slight stain to but sits perfectly on the skin @narsissist liquid orgasm blush #nars #jodiemakeupuk
BRIDE // Mermaid waves a throwback to a favourite #jodiemakeupuk
OCCASION // Milkmaid braid #jodiemakeupuk