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BRIDE // What  a Morning! Today’s gorgeous bride lives in Australia and came home for her wedding, can you believe she was super poorly all morning right up until this pic and still looked this beautiful with a big smile on her face! ♥️Hair & Makeup by me #jodiemakeupuk
BRIDE // Romantic loose updo  #jodiemakeupuk
BRIDE // Real life Elsa bride ♥️ Hair & Makeup by me using @beautyworks clip in extensions provided by bride
BRIDESMAID // What a beaut ♥️ Hair & Makeup by me ♥️ Headband plait with looseness around the face and a classic bridesmaid makeup 💄 #jodiemakeupuk
BRIDE // Some lovely pics captured by @keyholestudios Hair & Makeup by me #jodiemakeupuk
BRIDESMAID // The highly requested headband plait 👌🏻 Hair & Makeup by me #jodiemakeupuk
MILESTONE // So happy to have finally reached 4000! I reached almost 4000 followers a long time ago on my Facebook page all organically but became so frustrated when my post viewings decreased massively to the point where some post didn’t even receive a single like.. all due to Facebook now wanting you to pay to boost your post (to show it to people who were already following my page! 😡) I then noticed all the pages I was following also stopped showing in my news feed ☹️ So I decided to start from scratch on Instagram a few years ago and it’s been slow burning but finally regaining my following and I’m so thankful for all of your support of my posts and I just LOVE getting my brides ready and making you all feel like the best versions of yourselves!! ♥️ #jodiemakeupuk
BRIDE // Just loved this look! ♥️ And those hair extensions by @marky104 👌🏻 Hair & Makeup by me #jodiemakeupuk
BRIDESMAID // Before & After textured curls and plait detail ♥️ #jodiemakupuk