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OCCASION // Such a busy day! One of my stunning regulars off to a wedding reception ! Modern waves and smokey plum eyes. She just says … ‘do whatever you want’ each time 😂 So I do .. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #jodiemakeupuk
BRIDE // Messy but neat high bridal bun! Works especially great on blonde hair ♥️ #Jodiemakeupuk
BRIDE // Such a gorgeous bride of mine! Got my hands on these gorgeous images from @catpowellphoto  Hair waves using @babylissprouk hair wand  #jodiemakeupuk
MOB // Mother of the bride looking absolutely fabulous, she was blown away on the day, just love making people feel their best! Hair & Makeup by me #jodiemakeupuk
BRIDE // Big bouncy curls with lots of volume! Bride had a full head of extensions for thickness ♥️ Hair & Makeup by me #jodiemakeupuk
BRIDE // So couture & sleek ♥️ Hair & Makeup by me #jodiemakeupuk
ME // Throwback to a glam moment💋💄 #jodiemakeupuk
BRIDESMAID // The perfect relaxed updo with loose bits to frame the face. I find lots of bridesmaids worry about having their hair up but with this style people seem to feel more comfortable. Having flowers or a hair accessorie as a focal point really finishes off this look. These were dried flower pieces from a lady on Etsy I believe. 🌸 #jodiemakeupuk
BRIDE // I Absolutely love my job ♥️ From 18 years old I knew that I wanted  to work in the wedding industry, even when people said I should strive for more and go to London etc. I knew weddings was for me (Even though it was nowhere near as popular as it is today) ♥️ I enjoy so much working with my brides to make them feel the best they have ever felt, listening is the key 🔑 Wouldn’t change my job for the world 🌎 So  lucky #jodiemakeupuk