To make a booking with Jodie or a Team member the first step is to fill out the contact section to check availability. Please make sure you include your wedding date, the location on the day and the trial, the amount of hair and makeups required or the package you would like to book.

Once I have received your enquiry and checked availability, I will send the booking form to be completed and retuned by email. At this point I will then return a full quote to you. (If booking a team member I will pass over your booking form to the relevant person and they will return your quote in full)

If you are then happy and ready to secure your wedding date a deposit will be required to ensure the date is yours. I only take one wedding booking per day, so it is therefore important to secure it with a deposit. The deposits are none refundable if a cancellation is made.

When booking a team member the process is the same, however once I have the booking form I pass over the details to the team member of your choice and they will continue with the booking/emails, quote, deposit and any further arrangements such as the trial etc.


The trial can be held at my home address or in a location of your choice. I will bring along my full kit (it may look like I am coming for a short stay) and I will need a good size table or a surface to set it up on. We will sit down and firstly double check all of the details on your booking form then discuss the look you want to achieve. It’s very helpful to have any pictures of ideas you may have. You could follow my Facebook page or Instagram for inspiration of my recent brides. A picture of your dress and any accessories you may be wearing will help me work out what will be best for you. If you feel you may need hair extensions to achieve the look you desire, it would be really helpful to have them on your trial too. I can just as easily do your trial without these items though and we can get a great idea for the ‘final look’, but obviously it will all come together much better on the wedding day.

Some people choose to have trials for their bridesmaids. This needs to take place on the same day as your trial (the bride). The trials can sometimes take longer than expected because we are discussing ideas and it’s a very relaxed atmosphere, so please bear that in mind. At the end of the trial I will take pictures of the look and fill out your face chart which I will keep in your file. I will also tell you which products we used on the lips (incase you wish to purchase them) and any other products I feel would benefit you throughout the day for small touch ups, such as blotting tissues or translucent powder.

I enjoy working together with you to achieve your perfect look so always be sure to tell me of anything you’re not sure about as that’s what the trial is all about! Please also see my blog post for tips on how to prep for your trial.


I will arrive at the agreed time on the morning (usually bright and early!) Don’t worry brides are usually up at the crack of dawn! I will then need to set up my kit ready for action. Every wedding is different and I adapt to fit each wedding but usually this is how I tend to work things. If it’s a large wedding I will have my assistant with me. Then dependent on the style I like to start by setting/prepping the brides hair. This then leaves the bride free relax during the morning and have breakfast and be available whilst flowers arrive etc. I then like to work though the bridal parties hair one by one until the hair is completed. I will then move onto makeup. Once the majority of the bridal party is complete I will return back to the bride to complete the whole look, finishing the hair and applying the makeup. At this point the bride can take her last moment to relax, maybe have a glass of champagne and take everything in, before beginning to put on her dress. Once the bride is looking amazing, I will then finish of any last makeups and any touch ups needed whilst the bride is getting dressed. I will attach the veil or make any last touch ups to the bride to make sure she is completely happy and then my job is done! I will pack away my kit and leave you to have an amazing day!

I love receiving professional images from your special day to add to my collection of beautiful brides, so feel free to send me any you are particularly proud of that show your hair and makeup off!